A Path Well Travelled

It’s certainly been a path well travelled for Lorin, from a young age the talented singer always knew that she wanted more from life. Luckily there was an ocean of talent and ambition to match her huge dreams.

At the precocious age of fourteen she began singing, and immediately her family knew there was more to her voice than simply singing into a hairbrush, mimicking her favourite pop star.

For the next three years Lorin practiced her vocal range, honing her unique talent hoping to fulfil her untapped ambitions. While other teenagers were out learning how to bend their parents rule. Lorin was learning to harmonise.

At 17, the first stage of her lifelong dream came true. Flying to New York she attended the New York School Conservatory for Film & Television.

The multi – talented singer excelled in New York but couldn’t shake the allure of her true calling which had always been singing. Working with producers Arty Skye, Lorin was inspired to create her debut song “Changeling”.

Inspired by singers such as Jessie J, Paloma Faith and the limitless talents of Lady Gaga, Lorin felt a growing determination to succeed, knowing that with hard work and bags of talent you could genuinely achieve your dreams.

With this resolute belief, Lorin realised that London would become the next stage of her career path and at 18 she moved to Britain’s capital city, studying vocals and for a BA in songwriting in London’s Tech Music School.

During Lorin’s time at London’s Tech Music School her first year was spent training in vocals, however something was troubling the talented singer, while she was comfortable singing on other artists records, Lorin felt that she needed to create her own distinctive sound while doing so. Realising this, it drove her forward, determined to now complete her songwriting degree.

Lorin is a huge believer in the philosophy; to thine ownself be true, and this reflects in each and every lyric she sings. Her resolute belief, helps her connect more deeply with the music, every track has a meaning. From the first word of the first verse to the powerhouse emphatic chorus.

Unearthing her talent, ubiquitous, London based, music producer, Nick Sheldon helped Lorin define and shape her signature sound.

Lorin knew however, that years of international education would be in essence worthless without learning the craft through the graft of live performances, and for the last few years, Lorin has been simultaneously writing tracks whilst performing live across London.

It would be unwise to dismiss Lorin as just another singer, she’s a strong, determined star of tomorrow, with bags of kick ass attitude and twice as much talent to boot.

With a haunting voice and timeless vocals, Lorin is destined to send a spine tingling shiver down the music industry’s back.

Staking her claim as the new generation of “Dramatic Pop”. It seems Lorin is ready, and destined to be launched into the pop stratosphere.

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